Instagram is a social platform where people are to post a photo to share to the internet. The context of the photo would depend on the person who would be posting. There are a variety of the different kinds of photos posted on Instagram. A few of them would be a model posing for the advertisement of a brand, memes, different forms of art, and different forms of tips for a person to use in their daily lives.

These tips could be for crafts, food or fitness. Some of which are useful and give a detailed guide so that an average person is able to do it at home, but some are not. Some tips are made for fun and games, and others are just dangerous, which shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Detox teas

An individual cannot make profit with the likes that they get on the Instagram platform, so some people use the platform as a way to advertise their products so that people would be able to know about and purchase the items that they produce.

There are countless products that put out products like these. Posts like these puts out a display for people to think that they will lose weight and look better by just buying their products. These posts are made to make people believe that they are entering a healthier lifestyle if they buy these products, but in reality the products are filled with thinly veiled laxatives, and is a gateway to a toxic lifestyle. The FDA recommends to only consume laxatives not more than two weeks, but the product instructs the consumer to do the 28-day teatox. If the consumption of this product lasts for more than fourteen days, it could cause diarrhea, severe cramping, menstrual cycle disruption, and dehydration. If at some point during the intake of this product you do lose weight, it is not the fact that you lost fat, it means that you are losing water. Another set of effects during the excessive intake of this product are fatigue, headaches, and the inability to focus.

People get into purchasing this product due to the way it is advertised. The lines like “Wellness starts here!” and “Kickstart your healthy lifestyle” associated with the pictures of well built and fit models, how can people avoid being pulled into buying the products like these?

Kylie Jenner Challenge

This challenge was popular during 2015 with the ice bucket challenge and the cinnamon challenge. Although the Ice Bucket Challenge was done for good, the other two was not. The cinnamon challenge involved scooping spoonfuls of cinnamon into peoples mouths- which is dangerous. Don’t do it. The Ice Bucket Challenge involved dumping a bucket of iced water on to you to raise awareness of the disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and they send out donations for the budget of the research.

While the Kylie Jenner Challenge is where a person inserts their lips into a shot glass, a bottle or a small jar and suck out the air out of the container. This causes their lips to become plump and big. Some people are successful, but there are some who get unexpected results.

Sucking with your lips in a compressed space can cause negative pressure and will fill the blood vessels. This could cause swelling and can cause the blood vessels to break which will result in bruises. Sis, we both know we don’t want that, so don’t even think about doing this. Although there are other better, safer and affordable ways to do this, you don’t have to because you are beautiful just the way you are. 🙂

Charcoal Masks

Recently skin care has been a trend among the youth and people who really care about their appearance. I mean, who doesn’t? A new method besides washing with soap and water is having a skin care routine, and it involves having to use face masks. Face masks are known to have essentials on them that once used will help your skin to look better.

As easy as it is to put on to your face, it is hard to take off. Not only does it remove the dirt, blackheads and other filth off of your face, but it also removes facial hair and protective skin. This could result into troubling and unexpected results like discoloration, permanently enlarged pores, irritation and scarring. And if done wrong with the wrong products it could lead to more severe cases, one of which is losing your eyebrows.

People who only know of the surface information of the product tend to get problematic results, so if you are planning to use charcoal masks for your skin care routine we recommend you contact the professionals for your safety. In this way you could also get the best results!

Burning Your Hair

We all know that getting your hair burnt will damage it, that’s why science teachers tell girls to tie their hair up during the times fire is involved during science class. Although even before people have found methods to use fire to have their hair improve in quality. Brazilians have been known for their expertise in the number of ways they can work on your hair. From bum treatments to blowouts to bronzers, their latest trend is Velaterapia.

Velaterapia is a method that has been popular since the 60’s where a strand of hair is twisted and cutting it off with a flame that ends up removing the split ends. When done right with the help of a professional the results would be promising and it will not affect the length of the hair.

It is better to contact someone who is educated and has experience with these kinds of things because they would know what to do even after the method is done. “This is the worst idea ever,” says hairstylist Matt Fugate at Sally Hershberger Salon. “Anyone who is educated in the layers of the hair shaft knows that this kind of process will ruin your cuticle—your clear coat of protection—weaken your hair and expose your cortex layer to the environment.” For real tho, if you want to improve the quality of your hair then just contact a professional. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Vitamin Vaping

Vitamin Vaping, as bad as it sounds, is an actual thing that people do. These kind of products are being created by VitaminVape, NutroVape, BioVape, and other companies. The contents of these products are usually different kinds of essentials and vitamins but most companies focus on making these with the content of B12. Products with B12 in its contents are advertised in making you believe that the content of it is an essential that most people do not get enough of. Unless you are of age, or have a rare sickness, or vegan, then it isn’t true. You are probably getting enough of B12 in meat, milk, and eggs.


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Studies on vaping are still at its introduction, so we are not fully knowledgeable on what happens to the body if we start breathing foreign chemicals. There is a possibility that it could damage the lungs the same way Tobacco does. Until we get further studies into vaping, it is recommendable that we stay on the safe side, and go out to search for easier, safer and affordable ways to get the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

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