If you are a pet owner, for sure you know the struggles of having your own pet at home. Of course we would do efforts and use some of our time to get them proper products, so that they could grow up to their full potential. We do love our little pets, but we don’t always have the time to tend to all of their needs such as taking them out for walks. Luckily, we have Saratoga Dog Walkers!

Saratoga Dog Walkers is a community since 2011 located in upstate New York, and they have the program called “Mid-day Pack Walk”, where Tim Pink, the owner, and his team take out 10 or more doggos for a group stroll. If you are busy through out the day, and you want your dog to be able to go out, then contacting Saratoga Dog Walkers would be a recommendable option!

Not only would it be beneficial for the physical health of the dog, but it also develops their social skills with the other dogs, and strengthens their sense of community. The walks challenges the dogs physically and mentally, so it helps them grow to their full potential.

After every “Pack Walk” every afternoon they would take adorable pictures as a group, and it would be posted in their Instagram account.

Look at how cute they are!

H/T: BoredPanda, Saratoga Dog Walkers