A 12-year-old girl was hospitalized after she was attacked by bullies who stamped on her head while witnesses just stood by and filmed her instead of helping her.

The shocking clip shows how brutally the girl was attacked.

Some people can be heard gasping as the bullies ganged on the defenseless girl.

Numerous onlookers can be seen surrounding the girl as another young woman pushes her to the ground and lands several blows to her head and face.

Then a young man wearing jeans and a red top comes forward and repeatedly stamps on the girl’s head, the girl holds her head while others just filmed what’s happening.

Watch the video:

The girl’s aunt who can’t be named for legal reason hits out at the ‘unacceptable and disgusting’ behavior of the ‘cowards’ who stood by and filmed it rather than intervening.

The aunt posted the video online with the message, ‘Please name and shame. My 12-year-old niece was brutally assaulted last night.’ ‘She was kicked in the head multiple times whilst on the ground by at least four of them. ‘Lads also joined in kicking and punching this small girl. It was a vicious mob mentality and she could have died. Absolute animals. She is currently in A&E. It was unacceptable and disgusting behavior.’

She even called the attackers a ‘gang of shameless bullies while cowards chose to stand and video it instead of stopping it’.

Fortunately, the girl was fine despite the attack which was filmed under the cover of darkness in Livingston, West Lothian.

Via: Metro