There are a lot of attractive women out there boasting with beauty and brain, but one thing that makes a woman more attractive is “talent.” Just like this Taiwanese drummer who packs with undeniable talent and charm.

Known to many by her stage name S. White, this Taiwanese drummer and street performer has been turning heads and catching quite a bit of attention over the past few years. Luo ShiRu (罗仕茹), her real name, came from Taipei and has already been popular because of her amazing talent in drums. But what makes her astound among other female drummers? It’s the way she performs.

Luo ShiRu (S.White) is often seen laughing, singing along and bobbing her head while rocking out her performance.

s.white 3

It seems like she has so much fun while playing drums, that we can’t help it but smile along.


It’s not just about how an awesome drummer she is, but how happy she looks doing it!

s.white 6

Watch her charming performances below:

I bet everyone would agree how adorable she is. Check out her YouTube channel HERE and her Facebook page HERE. Don’t forget to share this to your friends.

H/T: Audrey Magazine