Neighbors of Mager and Evelyn Leoncito of Sorsogon were stunned and terrified after witnessing a matchstick standing upright and dancing from about 8AM to 11AM inside the latter’s house.

Apparently, the owner was not present that time and according to the housekeeper, Melanie Beruega who later cleaned the area said that she only found the matchstick standing and no strings or cobwebs connected to it.

It seems the paranormal event is not a new scene in the said house, in fact Evelyn claimed that her mother-in-law often talked to the dwarves or point them out to her, but she never saw one. But Mager, on the other hand said they would often see small footsteps on the floor, especially on rainy days. He also told that her late sister Loreta who used to play with the dwarves when they were kids and often ask their mother for her favorite food, champorado and would bring the bowl downstairs to where a ‘punso’ (an anthill or mound believed to be the home of dwarves in Philippine mythology) is located.

However, in 1976, for unknown reason, they lost Loreta and found her body near the ‘punso’ but they knew she was not sick before that tragic day.

Jhonas Jamon who took the video asked Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) to help investigate the matter. The team tapped on Ed Caluag, the show’s paranormal expert, and went to Sorsogon City to investigate to what could have made the matchstick move but they didn’t disclose to him the back story of the house and even about Loreta.

Armed with the gadget that detects paranormal activity, Ed soon discovered the cause of the dancing matchstick. He said that a restless spirit living in the house had caused the paranormal event, Ed also said the spirit feels sad because she feels neglected and she misses her favorite food, champorado.

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Meanwhile, video experts claimed that the video is authentic however, they are skeptics about the dancing matchstick and believed a string or a web has been attached to it and it was an easy trick to do.

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Via: Buzzooks