We’ve recently uploaded a video on our Facebook Page of a guy who brilliantly sings “Iisa pa lamang by Joey Albert” and we were stunned when it reached thousands of likes. What’s more amazing is, this guy effortlessly sings the song in a videoke while changing his voice from masculine to feminine or most Filipino called “Doble Kara.”

With a little research we found the original source of the video which was uploaded by YouTube user MrDupzkie. The video was shot in SM Mall of Asia way back in 2012 and went viral on Facebook over the years. The guy with the amazing voice is no other than the famous Justine Tan who apparently loves music so much. See his humble beginnings in these videos.

At first glance this guy with a back pack looks just like a typical singer.

Justine Tan 2

But looks can be so deceiving, this guy is not an ordinary one! I was startled when he suddenly shifted his voice from male to female.

Justine Tan

I was like “WTF did I just watched? Amazing!” Watch his insane ability to shift his voice below:


Here’s another video:


Justin “Koco” Tan’s innate passion and talent for singing wows the crowd at different malls in the Philippines over the past few years. Most of them are posted in YouTube and Facebook by many onlookers. Justin has impressed many artists in the show business and now has recently joined local celebrities and singers for out of country gigs.

He could be the next Marcelito Pomoy, proving that Filipinos are truly talented people. Share this video and inspire everyone.