Senator Franklin Drilon is one of the well-known senators in the Philippines, a former Senate President and now a minority floor leader. However, the senator is also famous for being caught sleeping in the Senate and photos of him in dreamland went viral online.

Though many netizens were disappointed in him, images of him sleeping became the butt of naptime jokes and even turned it into a challenge.

Facebook page, VovPh even dubbed the senator as a ‘sleeping giant’ and made hilarious memes about Drilon.

Apparently, we can’t blame the senator for his lack of sleep knowing the fact how toxic it is to be a politician thus being a senator of the Philippines. Sadly, it became a habit of him in the Senate.

Amazingly, instead of flooding the social media of hate messages against the senator, netizens see the funny side of it and create their own version of Drilon sleeping.

The netizens used the photo of Senator Drilon allegedly took a nap while his colleague Senator Antonio Trillanes was in a heated debate with Senator Richard Gordon and turned it into an internet meme and formed a social media challenge called #DrilonSleepingChallenge to express their criticism against him.

Check out the images  posted by several social media users below:

Senator Drilon who’s serving his fourth term in the Senate is not yet giving any comments on the internet meme made for him. He is also one of the fiercest critics of President Rodrigo Duterte alongside his Liberal Party senators.

Via: Pinoy Trending