A Filipina OFW being s3xually abused by her employer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia pleads for help online.

The attempt was secretly recorded by the victim herself, Lilibeth Duenas Languitan, from Balayan, Batangas, through a hidden camera phone.

In the clip, it can be seen that her employer tried to get into her by force.

He grabs her by the hand, hugs her tightly and attempted to kiss her.

The poor woman tried to fight back but the maniac is so persistent. Somehow, she managed to escape and even grabbed a weapon against the man, forcing him to let her go.

It is unknown whether Lilibeth intended to upload the video on social media but viewers and concern citizens are worried about her current condition as her Facebook account was not responding to any messages anymore.

Because of this, Facebook page Papa Doms reuploaded the video and asked the government and media outlets for help.

Netizens believe there’s a huge possibility that Lilibeth’s employer has already confiscated her phone to prevent her from asking help from her fellow OFWs.

Hundreds of Filipinos like Lilibeth are being abused every year not only in the Middle East but around the world. However, most of the account of abuse especially on Pinay OFWs happened in the Middle East. Some of them have escaped their employers because of experiencing extremely unfair treatment.


Lilibeth Duenas Languitan was rescued, thanks to the Filipino Community in Riyadh under the guidance of DDS and to Amb Adnan Alonto for the immediate action.

The successful rescue of Lilibeth from her abusive employer was confirmed by one netizen.

Lilibeth is now in the custody of SRA for turn-over to the Philippine Embassy-Riyadh.

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On the Facebook post DDS Drei Natabio:

“Thanks be to God Almighty and congratulations to the Filipino Community in Riyadh under the guidance of DDS-parallel for the immediate and successful pull-out of Lilibeth Duenas Languitan. She is now in SRA for turn-over to the Philippine Embassy-Riyadh. Our sincerest thanks and appreciation also to Amba. Adnan V. Alonto and wife Ma’am Jo, ConGen Iric C. Arribas and other embassy staff for their prompt actions in coordinating with Saudi authorities to make the pull-out as smoothly and as effectively as possible. Muli, ito po ay patunay na ang pag-tutulungan nang embassy/polo at mga FilComs na may “TAPANG AT MALASAKIT” ay nagbubunga nang mabilis at agarang solusyon sa ano mang mga pagsubok na dinaranas nang ating mga kulang-palad na mga kababayan.

Gilbert Alarcon”

Hoping she can be with her family this coming Christmas.

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