Talent comes to any people, it doesn’t matter who and what you are. It is something naturally born with and can be enhanced through practice and time. The reason I’m telling this is because someone recently shared his video on our Facebook page that instantly amazed us. Upon hearing his cover I already know it is worth sharing.

Meet 25-year-old John Bert T. Lolo, a seminarian who loves to sing.  Brother John Bert is currently taking theology at Seton Hall University in United States and is on his 8th year in the seminary.

John Bert T. Lol

This talented guy is known as “Brother Bamboo” by his friends because Filipino icon ‘Bamboo’ is his favorite singer. Well, he doesn’t sound like Bamboo but guess what? His voice resembles Bryan Adams with a little touch of Arnel Pineda. Watch his cover of (Everything I do) I do It For You by Bryan Adams and prepare to be impressed.

Here’s another cover from him together with Father Melvin


Upon my conversation with Br. John Bert, he said “I do find music fascinating, music can really affects a person in different ways, but we have to always interpret music the positive way. Through that, we’ll learn how to appreciate any kind of music and see them in a positive look.”

“Whatever we have, we must share because everything good is meant to be shared.” He added.

Some people might be singing for fame and pleasure, but it is more important to sing for the glory of the Lord. Share this wonderful cover to your friends.