Drawfee is a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers all over the world. The description they gave themselves is “Where we turn dumb ideas into even dumber drawings”. This YouTube channel was created by 2 artists, Nathan Yaffe and Caldwell Tanner.

The content Drawfee creates is mostly made of their art with a touch of their own humor and personality. More so, their content is filled with their own series’ and challenges related to their art. On early January they created a challenge for themselves where they draw a portrait of a celebrity with just the oral description given to them.

They challenge is called “Criminal Sketch Artist Challenge”. It was created by Nathan, Jacob, and Julia. In the challenge one of them picks out an image of a celebrity and gives the image to the next person for them to describe to the person who is gonna create the sketch. It is easier said than done, and their video is proof of it!

Watch it to see for yourself!

Here are the results of their attempts in this video!


Richard Attenborough


Jeff Goldblum


Benedict Cumberbatch


The audience enjoyed the results of their first video, and they requested for a new one! Drawfee then created a second video of it a month after the first was uploaded into their channel. Although in their second video they stepped up their game, and decided to color the portraits!

Watch the video to see for yourself!

H/T: BoredPanda, Drawfee