A gym teacher is facing a complaint after forcing a female student into the pool despite her utmost resistance.

Apparently, the schoolgirl refuses to swim because she just got her hair done, an excuse that the gym teacher won’t accept and forcedly dragged her into the pool.

A clip shows how the gym teacher forces the student while she desperately resists.

Witnessing the horrible scene, students were disgusted with the teacher’s behavior and throws water on him. Some even hit him to stop dragging the girl into the swimming pool.

But the Gym teacher, Danny Pearson, has turned deaf from the screams and pleas of the students.

Watch how the teacher drags the student into the pool.

After watching the video from the cell phone of her daughter’s friend, the horrified mom said, “You won’t expect a teacher to do this to your child at the school.”

Their attorney Gil Somera also exclaimed, “No means no! Stop certainly means stop.”

The gym teacher was suspended by the school administration and is now facing charges.

We know how hard it is to be a teacher, there’s a thin line between do’s and don’ts. One tiny mistake can end your career.