Music is a big part of our life. For many of us, music is an escape to our daily grind, a temporary haven. For others, music is a dream, a passion, and reflection of their life. We often associate our feeling trough music. Music speaks what we truly feel, helps us reminisce the old times and most importantly, music is love.

Remember those songs you used to sing for your girlfriend? Here’s one popular song that will bring back the past, those unsettled relationship that we had. Popularized by Peabo Bryson, the song titled “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again” is covered by amazing singers Johann Peter Mendoza and Kim Molina. The pair made an awesome cover that will make you fell in love again.

Johann Mendoza and Kim Molina

Johann Mendoza is a former member of the all-male band “Voices of 5″ which is teamed up by Daryl Ong, Solomon Glass, Daryl Reyes, and Walton Zerrudo. He is born and raised in Baguio, Philippines and would often jam with various local bands.


Kim Molina is a theatrical artist at PETA and actress at Atlantis Productions and Viva Entertainment. Kim rises from singing contests to the big star taking the lead role ‘Aileen’ in Rak of Aegis (a playlist of chart-topping Aegis hits.)

If ever you in my arms again coverH/T: Youtube

Watch their amazing cover below: