A person’s wedding day is a milestone of someone’s life that is unforgettable and will be cherished from there on out. Even if it is a wonderful and beautiful event, it does get stressful and worrying for the people involved. With months of planning done for the occassion, everyone would be hoping that the event would go as planned.

While the event goes on, everyone has to go to the bathroom at some point. So how does the bride go to the bathroom with an extravagant and majestic gown without it getting dirty? Normally, the bride would go to the bathroom with her bridesmaids, and they would help with the handling of the dress. But Tina, a British woman, had an idea for this small issue.

She made a hack using a blue IKEA bag, and she posted about it on IKEA hackers blog which gained the attention of their viewers.

Tina also put the steps on how to make this on the website. The hack is simple, and easy to do, so it won’t consume too much of your time!

H/T:  Tina, BoredPanda, IKEAhackers