A police officer was hailed hero after busting hold-uppers in a passenger bus along EDSA in Quezon.

Police Officer Joselito Lantano, who was off-duty and wearing civilian clothes, was riding a bus on his way home from work when an armed man fired a gun and declared a robbery while their bus was approaching Quezon Avenue flyover at around 3 a.m.

Lantano shot and killed the armed hold-upper.

He then looked for the man’s companions and asked his fellow passengers to remain in their seats.
Police Officer Joselito Lantano in action.

The two other hold-uppers were mixed with the other passengers. Lantano later instructed the bus driver to park the bus under the flyover and sought assistance from a nearby police station.

Watch the actual video:

After a brief search, the policemen arrested two men identified as Mark Lee Mahinay, a security guard and James Medrano, a construction worker.

The two men were discovered possessing a firearm and a bladed weapon but denied that they were companions of the slain hold-upper.

Officer Lantano was hailed hero and was given a promotion for his bravery.

Lantano said he thought he would die – the robber’s gun was already pointed at him – but he gambled that he would be able to draw his gun and shoot first.

“I was thinking of my family… if I was killed, my children are still in high school,” Lantano said.

Dela Rosa, however, reminded Lantano and other police officers to always be careful since luck will not always be on their side.

“In a gun battle, you can win once, twice, thrice but not all the time. There are chances that you would lose, so be very careful but not to the point that you become a coward. The best defense is offense,” he said.

Via: GMA Network, Philstar