We raised eyebrows when we heard the word ‘two face’, but what if the two face is a cat? Professional animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat had captured the unique looks of this feline making headlines all over the internet.

Meet Narnia, a kitty with two-toned fur on his face.
Narnia is a British Shorthair cat born on the 28th of March, 2017, and his breeder Stephanie Jimenez instantly fell in love with her blue-eyed fur-ball.

Labat has purrfectly captured the unique looks of Narnia in its home in France making the internet world crazy over him. However, it is unclear what causers the feline’s striking appearance but this mysterious look are known as chimeras – a cat whose cells contain two different types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together.

Now, Narnia has grown to become the most gorgeous cat and her two faced features has gotten more dazzling every day.

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Images: Chatterie de la Grâce | Instagram, Jean Michel Labat/Caters News

Via: Bored Panda