Noodles is an adorable female beagle but she had a hard life throughout her existence and being around humans makes her nervous, however, her life is about to change.

Howard Holloman visited his local animal shelter and wanted a furry friend who needs a permanent home and instantly fell in love with the shy Noodles. However, when he come near the pooch, she started to cower in the corner of her kennel.

Howard took on a challenge and was able to sweet-talk Noodles out of the corner of her kennel and home with him. He knew it won’t be easy to get the pup to open up but it was not impossible since he once rescued a dog before named Weezie and hope the two would become friends.

It only took a couple of days for Noodle to start feeling safe and part of the family and over the years, the two doggies are now completely inseparable.

Howard is a hero among pet owners and the friendship of Weezie and Noodles is adorable to watch.

H/T: Apost