Nadine Lustre or Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre, rose to fame after playing the lead role of Eya Rodriguez in the film adaptation of the popular wattpad novel Diary ng Panget (2014) with James Reid as Cross and eventually became her real partner.


Nadine grew up to be one such gorgeous woman, she was said to be the look-alike of Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo. However, unlike the tweetum image of Kathtryn, Nadine started to become bolder and more liberated and it shows when her Instagram post went viral with her sexy pose while sitting on a sofa.


Many believes the sudden change was because of her Fil-Am boyfriend James Reid who were born and raised in America. But it looks the actress doesn’t care what other’s think and say and in fact, this is not the first her seductive pose went viral and a lot of her images are eye catching.

image: Instagram  

It seems the transformation is simply part of her turning into much mature woman and maybe in preparation for roles that is suitable for her age, away from tweetum roles.

Via: Daily Trending Feed