We all want to live a happy and normal life, a life far from hardship and poverty. But not all of us are given that good life everybody is dreaming of. Some are born poor, but that doesn’t define the person you’ll become. We can achieve our goals if only we’ll dream high and pursue it as much as we can.

In case you are feeling low and want to give up here’s a song that will surely motivate you not to give up and surpass the challenges of life. This inspirational song is sung by “Batang Maligaya”, two awesome kids that want to achieve their dreams trough rapping.

magandang awitin 1

The song went viral on Facebook in the last quarter of 2014 garnering 27 thousand shares and still gaining likes and shares.

magandang awitin 4

Titled “Napakagandang Awitin” from “Rmlogy study of RM”, the song was indeed a truly meaningful one, teaching us not to be deceived by the problems we are facing and put our trust in the lord, for which he has better plans for us. To keep our faith and believe all things are possible.

magandang awitin 3

Watch the inspiring music video below:

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