The controversial P3.5 Billion Dengvaxia vaccine draws nationwide anger to the past President Noynoy Aquino for approving the anti-dengue shot despite the risks involved.

The former president made an appearance in the Senate in the ongoing investigation of the controversial Dengvaxia deal and its maker Sanofi Pasteur.

However, on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, before his appearance to the Senate, Aquino seems have admitted that the bribery on the said vaccine really did happen and he’s willing to return the money he earned from the Dengvaxia deal.Image result for Noynoy aquino dengvaxia

“Wala namang problema. Willing naman tayong magbalik kung may kailangang ibalik. Hindi lang naman tayo ang direktang nakinabang doon, yong iba nasa kasalukuyang administrasyon din”, Aquino said referring to the kickbacks made by approving the vaccine deal.

The amount how much he receives is uncertain but hinted that former Budget Secretary Florencia Abad, and former Health Chief Jannette Garin made the huge kickbacks.Image result for abad at garin

Aquino even defended his action that the bribery is normal and it’s an SOP when you’re in the government.

He said, Pag nasa gobyerno ka kasi, normal talaga ang SOP. So part na sya lagi ng process. Whether you like it or not, you can do nothing but to accept it.”

In a text message on Tuesday Aquino promised to tell the truth about the controversy when asked if he would attend the Senate hearing

“We want to participate in telling the truth to the people as we have always done; at the same time, observing compliance to various laws, rules, and traditions,” he said.

Despite these words of “admittance” to the controversial Dengvaxia deal, the former president made numerous alibis and denied all the allegations against him stating: “Hindi ko yan alam!” in the Senate hearing.Image result for Noynoy aquino dengvaxia

Meanwhile, a murder case has been filed against former President Benigno Aquino III and form Health Secretary Janette Garin and the former president paid the bail before the arrest order.

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