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Liane V

If you do not know Liane V, then you are missing out! A multiple threat musician, comedian, model, actress, and dancer with over 10 million fans worldwide across all her social media platforms.

Liane V is known and famous for the content she creates and posts Vine and YouTube. Her content would usually be made of dance, music, comedy skits, and her fair share on beauty products. She is also a model, singer and a social star on Instagram with an outstanding number of 4.4 million followers. Not only that, but she is also known to have hosted red carpet events such as The Voice, The X Factor, and American Idol.

Not only that, but she was an athlete in school. Liane has competed in gymnastics, cheering, and baseball. Even with these skills and talents, her passion and true dream is with music. She has been using popular social media platforms for people to see her, and her work, and later on was signed by the production company Brand X.

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