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Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos is a Filipino Canadian singer that is known for his clever way of creating parodies of famous songs. Not only that but he also has a hilarious humor that catches the attention of viewers. In his videos he also portrays the culture of the Filipinos and what its like to whenever you are in the Philippines.

Mikey Bustos is also an enthusiast of biology and is obsessed his ants. With that he created a business focusing mainly on ants and is supported by his other channel called AntsCanada.

Mikey Bustos has also posted vlogs on youtube with RJ Garcia. Their vlogs are mostly videos of how they travel across the world with their friends. They also get to explore the culture and the food in each place they go to. He started off his vlogs in his main channel, Mikey bustos, but then later on created a separated channel for it.

Viewers were shocked on how Mikey executed this new chapter in his life. He made a video named “THIS IS MY LAST VLOG ON THIS CHANNEL. IM SO SORRY” where he made a compilation of the journey he had in the past year and announcing that the video that the viewers are watching is the last vlog, and this left his viewers, the Mabuhay Squad, shell-shocked.

Although a few days later he posted another video introducing the separate channel.

Mikey began posting daily since then.

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