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Guava Juice

He is a Filipino-American content creator on youtube with the real name of Roi Fabito. Who was born at Pangasinan in the Philippines and later on moved to the United States with his family. He had an undergraduate degree on Film before he started to create content for Wassabi Productions on 2005.

He is also formerly known as Roi Wassabi as he was a part of Wassabi Productions with Alex Wassabi. Their content on Wassabi Productions were usually challenge videos, music video parodies, and other experiments. 10 years later Roi Wassabi, citing fatigue, decided to leave the channel to be handled by Alex Wassabi. Even after the channel being passed to his friend, Alex continued to create content for the Wassabi productions channel.

Later on he created his own channel named “Guava Juice” and created his own content there. He began with gaming during the early 2016 and then stopped around late October of 2016. Later on tackling other kind of content like 3 am videos, different skits and challenges.

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