Gabija Kavaliauskaite and Karolis Jonusas of @Dogs_of_Vilnius is a couple doing street photography blog of dogs around the streets of Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.

Every day the couple roam the street to take photos of the cutest and the fluffiest pooch they will meet along the way. Apparently, Lithuania is quite obsessed with the canines with a ratio of 1 dog for 3.9 human, which means 730,000 mutts in a small nation with 3 million populations.

The project began as a way of stepping further from their usual method of asking to pet it and then bid our farewell whenever they meet passerby’s dogs. And unless it`s a Husky or a Labrador, both breeds design for photoshoot, taking dozens of possible pictures often takes more than just a treat to attract the attention of a dog which some are more toys oriented, while some require commands from their owner.

Here are some of their work:

Kukė (Cookie), 8-Month-Old, Mixed Breed
8 m/o Cookie, is a mixed breed that looks like a little white dachshund with a labrador face. Loves to eat away wallpapers.

Railis (Rylle), 4-Month-Old, Samoyed

4 m/o Samoyed puppy. Rylle is such a good boy that if a thief entered the house he would show him around.
Zara, 1.5 Y/O, Belgian Shepherd
Zara, is a 1.5 y/o Belgian Shepherd. She loves to play with a ball and frisbee. On the day we took this photo Zara had her first trolleybus trip which was stressful due to many strangers onboard.
Shiba, Shiba Inu
This is a Shiba Inu named Shiba. Even though no one ever taught her how to walk on two legs, it’s her favorite activity.
Hivi, 4-Month-Old, Chow Chow
“Still afraid of climbing stairs.”
Mūza (Muse), 2 Y/O, Papillon Dog
“She goes to every orchestra rehearsal. Knows martial arts. Each evening, she guards by the window.”
Adonis, 10 Y/O, Russian Wolfhound
“10y/o Borzoi/Russian Wolfhound. He doesn’t like both Pugs or techno music and is a sexist.”
Two Sisters Tėja And Luna, 1.5 Y/O, French Bulldogs
Tėja was born deaf. Both of them are affectionate, however, they fight like real sisters!

The project is also a way to bring awareness on social media of the less fortunate four-legged friends and their temporary (often – permanent) homes after visiting a major animal shelter “Lese”.

Check out their other work on their Instagram and help spread at least some of that unconditional love dogs offer.

Via: Bored Panda