Cobras, with their threatening hoods and intimidating upright postures, are some of the most iconic snakes on Earth. Their elegance, prideful stance and venomous bite have made them both respected and feared.

However, despite being deadly, there are some individuals who are gifted enough to play around with this dangerous snake. One of them is Elies Lenterio, the infamous  ‘Cobra King’ of Sorsogon province.

Elies is famously known for tending snakes especially cobras.

Unfortunately, the ‘Cobra King’ of Barangay Buarbod, Sorsogon City died after he was bitten by his own pet snake.

Peter kept his pet cobra inside the utility box of his motorcycle, but the snake turned hostile and bit his left hand as he opens the storage.

Apparently, the snakes’ tail got trapped in the box which triggered the serpent to attack.

Furious, Lenterio killed his own pet by beheading it and drinking its blood.

Instead of asking for help, he also refused to go to the hospital as he usually treats himself from countless snake bites.

He then went home and sleep. Eventually, Lenturio’s children saw him with foam around his mouth and a stiffed body. Lenterio was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead on arrival. The incident happened on December 02, 2017.

According to his family, the Cobra King has been bitten many times already and was able to treat himself without any complication.

However, some believe the incident was an exception from the previous bites because Lenterio drinks the blood of the snake that made the venom even stronger.

Some even say he was drunk when the previous attacks happened and the alcohol reacts as an antidote to the venom.

Elies Lenterio is a popular figure in Sorsogon province in the Philippines. He has been tending snake especially cobras since he was just 15 years old. Residents in his hometown call him for help whenever they find snakes in their house.

Via: Philnews