In this world that revolves around beauty than accepting and loving oneself is creating low-self-esteem and the feeling of an outcast, especially if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Though beauty is not the most important thing, but sad to say people do get depressed when they see themselves in the mirror and knew they don’t belong unless they do something about it.

These people have been in this situation, but made self-improvement. See their transformation and you wouldn’t believe they’re the same person.

1, “Now I am 25, I lost 120 lb, and I work out every day.”

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  1. “This is my boyfriend at the age of 16 and 21. It’s hard to tell that it’s the same person.”

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  1. “This is my progress.”

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  1. “The difference between these photos is 20 months. I lost weight, and now I’m not shy about the natural structure of my hair.”

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  1. “The difference between these photos is 25 months. I had always been fat, so I decided that I could lose weight.”

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  1. “The difference is just 4 years. I was a nerd, and now I’m a macho.”

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  1. “15 months later I finally have a chin! Now I’m doing everything I can to maintain my weight.”

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  1. “I didn’t do anything special, but I’m not ugly anymore.”

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  1. “I have to admit, I couldn’t lose weight myself for a very, very long time. A really professional doctor helped me a lot.”

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  1. “Just 4 years, and this is what I’ve become (I’m on the right).”

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  1. “So much has changed in 3 years! Before, I didn’t get out much. I was very shy. Now we live in a time when changing your appearance is very easy.”

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  1. “3 years between these photos. Some people don’t believe that it’s me.”

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  1. “I didn’t use to be really fat. I had a hard time choosing the right hairstyle.”

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  1. “Me when I was 19 and 21.”

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  1. “The difference between these 2 photos is 4 years. And I was even used to not enjoying what I looked like.”

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  1. “It took me 2 years and 3 months to get in shape. It sounds like a lot of time, but it was well worth it.”

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  1. “I lost 100 lb, and I feel great.”

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  1. “I used to weigh 60 lb, now I weigh 90, and I keep working on my body. I tried to restore my normal weight in hospitals many times, but it returned to the beginning every time. And then I decided that I really wanted to get better, so I started working on my health myself. I gained weight, and I was able to work the whole day. I was able to live on my own and finally became a ‘real’ adult!”

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  1. “I was depressed because of the way I looked. I didn’t even want to live. But I decided that I was able to change everything, so I started losing weight. Now I run all the time wherever I am, and it really annoys my boyfriend. I feel great, and I’m enjoying my life!”

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  1. “My parents got divorced, and I lived with my grandmother for a long time. I was surrounded by women. It was bad for me. I was bullied in school. And I was fat. After that, I moved, and I entered college. I was scared of being bullied again, so I tried to meet a lot of people, and I wanted to be very communicative. I made true friends, and they helped me to have a more active lifestyle. That’s how I managed to lose weight. Now I can communicate with any person.”

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