Recently, images of hairless guinea pigs have been circulating online and many are going crazy as these rodents resembles the famous hippopotamus but on a tinnie-winnie scale.

Surprisingly, some people think that these guinea pigs are shaved but they’re not, in fact are known as “Skinny Pigs”, a type of breed that does not grow hair on their body, and even though the majority of their skin is hairless, there is still some fur on their muzzles, feet, and legs.

The modern Skinny Pig originated with a cross between a hairless lab strain and a haired guinea pigs, however, in 1978, the hairless strain is believed to be related to a spontaneous genetic mutation. And in 1982, “Skinny Pigs” were sent to Charles River Laboratories to continue breeding them and used in dermatology studies.

The skinny breed doesn’t have much difference on the regular ones, since they’re hairless, they eat less in order to maintain their body heat but other than that they are adorable and lovely pet and quite popular in Canada, Europe and Russia.

Via: BoredPanda