Preikestolen is one of Norway’s most popular attractions where visitors from all across the globe travel to Norway to hike up the incredible 2,000 feet plateau. To give tourists a place to stay, Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio proposed an idea of a Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel.

Suspended over a cliff, the hotel design plans a spacious viewing platform, sitting on top of three quarters with a balcony at each level for breathtaking views allowing you capture the spellbinding scenery with whatever camera in your hands.

Last but not the least, the lowest level features a viewing deck and a long, slender swimming pool made of glass that protrudes out from the cliff so you can test your coolness by plunging toward the end of the pool with the view down below.

However, the thrill-seeker’s dream hotel is hoping to get a green light. For more info click here

H/T: Hi Consumption