If you love fashion, you probably dreamed of becoming a model on high fashion world or maybe a world famous designer. However, the high fashion world is not an easy mountain to climb but not for Youtuber Zac and Jay, who only need budget clothing, creativity, and some gatecrashing skills.

The young British duo are well-known for their positive humor, love of the absurd and hilarious pranks and decided to test out their high fashion credentials.

The pair will dress up their mate Max in some ridiculous outfits from a budget clothing store and they will be headed to the 2019 London Fashion Week.

Model Max Fosh, who also a YouTuber, described as a “confident, unfashionable, blank canvas of a man,” has managed to get the attention of the photographers, thinking he was the real deal.

Wearing dainty pink rubber gloves and his “emotional baggage”, Max was transformed into red-hot male model “Maximillian Bucharest” and quickly grabbed the eyes of many on the streets of London.

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The prank goes to show, that with a little imagination and some basic materials, you too could be a famous designer!
In fact, ASOS designers were so inspired, they even created a similar outfit.

But the success is nothing without Max’s a natural talent and features you might expect from a male model and without it, things could turn out differently.

H/T: Bored Panda