Do remember Lola Fe? She’s the old woman with a whopping Bonnie Tyler voice. Lola Fe “Felicitas Garcia” had already made a duet with Roadfill of “Moymoy Palaboy” singing the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

roadfill and lola fe  duet

But recently Lola Fe and Roadfill took it to the next level and performed their odd combination cover in front of international judges of “Asia’s Got Talent”.

roadfill and lola fe 1

At first, the judges and the audiences were clueless about their unusual combination but when they started singing, everything changes.

The event was filled with laughter and amazement, even the judges can’t help themselves from the funny antics of Roadfill. It seems the comic act enhance the performance of Lola Fe.

roadfill and lola fe 3

As the song went to climax, audiences starts to get wild of Lola Fe’s singing prowess as well as the light atmosphere of Roadfill’s witty tricks.

Through the end of the song, Lola Fe makes Vannes Wu stand on his feet. At the end, three judges are on their feet applauding their performance.

roadfill and lola fe 4

Unfortunately, David Foster said no because he wants Lola Fe to go solo and drop Roadfill. While Anggun and Melanie C .says yes, then Vannes Wu circle around as an imitation to the comedy act before saying yes. He even said this to the odd duo, “It worked. It in a very strange way, but it worked!”

Watch the video below:

Here’s their old cover:

Total Eclipse of the Heart Roadfill

The peculiar combination of Lola Fe and Roadfill really work for them that made them pass the first round of Asia’s Got Talent!