Most products after it has served its purpose it will be thrown out. Some are often only used once such as plastic bags, paper/plastic cups, plastic straws, popcorn boxes, empty bags of chips and etc. Of course there are still products that can be used more than once, but once it is broken most people would be quick to throw it out and just buy a new one instead of finding a way to fix it.

With so much products being produced and used on a daily basis it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a lot of trash around, so there are people out there who find a way to reuse them. Amarildo Silva is one of those people!

Amarildo Silva is a young Brazilian craftsman that has been creating beds for animals out of old and used tires. He has always enjoyed creating out of objects that have no more further use and would later on be just thrown away.

This craft he has with tires started 2 years ago when he was trying to find a way to create with the objects that are thrown away. In this way, not only does he create something amazing out of useless trash, but he also gets to earn money for his hard work!

By making these he helps out in the current situation of the environment, and he gets money for his daily needs. Amarildo collects the old tires on the streets and stores it in a room in his home.

Once Amarildo collected and separated the tires he would later on cut, and then wash it. After having the tire get dry he would paint different designs on each tire. On the tires meant to be a bed for animals he would put the name of the pet it would be dedicated to.

Other than pet beds Amarildo also creates pots out of the tires for plants to be put in.

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H/T: BoredPanda, Amarildo Silva