I’ve been stumbling over the net looking for some great song and I ended up in YouTube, and found such a calming cover of ‘When I Met You’ originally popularized by Apo Hiking Society. The song was covered by Patricia Cardoza Gerona a YouTuber who’s been uploading song covers. When I first heard the song, I have said to myself “WOW! This cover is great and I love it.” I’ve been playing this song many times, murdered that replay button and it definitely lift my mood.


Patricia Gerona has already been a contestant of the ‘Are You the Next Big Star’ show in 2009, she was only 16 back then.

patricia gerona

Last year she uploaded her cover of ‘When I Met You’ in her YouTube Channel which later becomes viral.

Pat 2

Many were amazed by her soft and calming voice, her cover earned thousands of likes and shares on Facebook.


Watch her heart-melting cover below: